We’re the Bourne Group

Many people ask us WHAT we do but we are more interested in answering HOW we do it.

We manufacture signs for your vessel. Specializing in the maritime industry means we understand the importance of offering a full service process to our customers. Meaning impeccable delivery time, quality control and installation at affordable prices. HOW do we do this? By leveraging todays manufacturing technology, it has freed us from the constraints of a traditional factory. Our 17,000 sq ft facility in Charleston, SC (USA) houses sales, design, production and shipping under one roof. This gives us the ability to offer around the clock quoting, ordering and customer service.

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Located in Charleston, SC (USA), in the heart of the Old Naval Base, the Bourne Group occupies 17,000 sq ft of warehouse, office and manufacturing space.

The Bourne Group's decision to become an active participant in the restoration of the historic Charleston Navy Shipyard is another example of our passion and commitment to the maritime community. The Old Naval Base was once a very prosperous area of Charleston but was vacated in the mid 1990s in a wave of military downsizing.  This closure has now created several restoration projects by offering a large expense of empty warehouses and undeveloped land in the center of South Carolina's fastest growing urban area, North Charleston. These old warehouses allowed us to create an inspiring yet comfortable work atmosphere, a work space that favors the well being of our workforce and adds value to our service.