My Bourne Group

My Bourne Group was designed to aid in the process of procurement for customers that require custom signage outside our catalog. Tailored mainly for the purchasing behaviors of the cruise industry, My Bourne Group simply manages your signage needs.

Designed to save our customers time and money by eliminating the unnecessary costs of reproducing a custom sign. How it works is as custom signs are designed and manufactured at our facility we simultaneously upload these sign designs into our database, which enables our customers a seamless process to reorder a sign should they need replacements.

Safety Signs/Marking Tapes

The Bourne Group offers its customers a number of different categories of maritime safety signs to choose from. All Bourne Group signs are manufactured in our facility in Charleston, SC and are designed to meet and exceed all standards set forth by IMO, SOLAS and all other international regulating bodies. The Bourne Group also offers a variety of marking tapes for the purpose of wayfinding, pipe labeling, and alerting crew of a hazardous area or eminent danger.